Our Organization

Douglas Water Authority strives for one thing; To supply our customers with prompt, dependable water service in a courteous manner while maintaining the highest level of efficiency possible.

The organization is guided by an appointed Board of Directors representing all the areas within our distribution system. The board meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month at the main office 550 Bethlehem Road, Horton, Alabama 35980. The board meetings are open to the public, however, anyone wanting to address the board must give a 24 hour notice in order to be added to the agenda. This allows the Board to make provisions for a time slot in the case of a new issue to be raised. Contact David Smith – General Manager or Stan Chaffin – CFO at 256 593 5010.

The Board of Directors consists of;

Board of Directors

Ben Gore – Chairman

Phillip Cleveland- Vice-Chairman

Phillip Pritchett – Treasurer

Thomas Kinney – Board Member

Harold Holland – Board Member