Name Change Notice

Notice of Change of Corporate Name

On May 1, 2018, Water and Fire Protection Authority of Douglas, an Alabama public corporation, filed an Amendment to its Articles of Incorporation changing the name of said public corporation to DOUGLAS WATER AUTHORITY.

Done this 19th day July, 2018.

Managers Note: The above is a necessary legal notice involved for a corporate name change. Over the years because of certain needs and technicalities involved in applying for loans, bonds and registering with several regulatory agencies we have been known as Water and Fire Protection Authority of Douglas, Douglas Water and Fire protection Authority, Douglas Water Board, Douglas Water Authority, etc. We feel this is the time to solidify our name for the better of our customers, partner agencies, regulatory agencies and organization. The board members have voted and the name has been registered with all the legal authorities. We are officially DOUGLAS WATER AUTHORITY.

Thanks, David Smith – General Manager